You are tired of being tired. You want to be fall asleep in minutes, not hours. You have searched for advice, but the Internet is full of garbage advice on falling asleep.

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  • Eliminating coffee and caffeine.
  • Cutting back on computer and TV use before bed.
  • Exercising.
  • Drinking a glass of warm milk.
  • Taking a warm bath before bed.


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The problem is the typical sleep advice doesn’t TEACH you how to fall asleep.You try all those things, yet your mind continues to race away full of thoughts and worries and your body remains restless

You would think that sleep should come easily.  It’s something that we do naturally.  We have to sleep, yet many people struggle to fall asleep.  In a yearly survey conducted by the Sleep Foundation, about one-half of the respondents (51%) report failure to have “a good night’s sleep” every night or almost every night. Wow. Think about that. Half of the people surveyed have trouble sleeping.

39% experienced difficulty falling asleep at least a few nights per month, and 12% had difficulty every night. Falling asleep is a huge problem for many people.

I used to be one of those people.  I would lay in bed for hours waiting for sleep to arrive.  I knew I had to get some sleep in order to function throughout the day, yet I lay in bed and watched the minutes tick away.  My mind would race with thoughts of the day, worries, and plans for the future.  I had no way to turn off my thoughts so that I could get to sleep.  Sometimes my body would be restless, and I’d toss and turn while waiting for sleep.

One day it just clicked.  I had to learn how to fall asleep.  It seems silly to say it, but I didn’t know how to fall asleep.  Laying there waiting for sleep to arrive wasn’t working.  I needed a technique to fall asleep.  One fortuitous day I stumbled across a meditation technique.  I thought, “If this technique can put you in a deep state of relaxation, then maybe it would work good for sleep.”  Over the next few months I put that meditation technique into practice.  I improved upon the meditation and targeted it towards sleep.

Remarkably, I had taught myself how to fall asleep.  Over the months that followed, the time it took me to fall asleep fell dramatically.  Eventually, I became one of those people I always dreamed of.  I could fall asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.

I decided I wanted to document my technique in a book.  I knew my technique worked for me, but I also thought there may be other people like me that had discovered their own techniques.  I put out the call to all my contacts and blogger friends to see if anyone else had created their own sleep techniques.  I’m very excited to have found several other people that had either created their own techniques to fall asleep or had methods that helped them prepare for sleep.

I also wanted to test these techniques.  I knew they worked for us, but I wanted to make sure they were teachable and transferable.  I put out another call to all my contacts and found a few eager people to test these techniques.  They struggled with sleep, each in their own ways, and wanted to learn a way to fall asleep more quickly.

I anxiously waited during four weeks of testing.  The results – everyone saw improvement!  Success!  I had four solid techniques to fall asleep fast and test results proving they worked.  During my information gathering I also found factors to help your chances of success.  I had everything I needed to write the book.

The result is Set Your Sleep on Autopilot.  I’m looking forward to helping you learn how to fall asleep.  I want you to stop laying in bed waiting for sleep to arrive.  I want you to become one of those people that can fall asleep as soon as your head hits the pillow.  I want you to take control of your mind and body, and gently coax them into a peaceful slumber.

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[testimonial3 author=”Evelyn Lim, Author of Self-Love Secrets and Life Coach, http://www.AbundanceTapestry.com” + pic=”http://www.setyoursleeponautopilot.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/evelyn-lim.jpg”]“I wish I had a copy of this book much earlier on.  For many years, when I was younger, I had trouble sleeping.  And it got to a point where I became afraid of falling asleep. I dreaded bedtime. Back then, I had no idea what to do.

It is interesting to learn from “Set Your Sleep on Autopilot” that there are far too many people facing the same difficulty.  I rather like Eric West’s recommendation to tame the “monkey mind” when it is overly cluttered with thoughts.  His book offers comprehensive meditation and energy techniques for solutions.

For anyone who cannot fall asleep easily, I recommend reading Eric’s book.  Having quality sleep is vital to health and wellness.  We should not deprive ourselves from having a good rest. And every night counts!” [/testimonial3]

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  • Four proven techniques for falling asleep.
  • The Mantra Mediation Technique.
  • The Energy Technique.
  • The Guided Meditation Technique
  • The Sleepy Monkey Technique
  • Pre-sleep suggestions prepare your body and mind for sleep.
  • Feedback and tips from people that have tested these techniques.

These sleep techniques will teach you how to quiet your mind and relax your body so that you can fall asleep naturally. You’ll get four different techniques so you can choose the one that works best for you. Practice these techniques and you’ll soon be falling asleep as soon as your head hits the pillow.

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